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We currently have a breakdown for individual cards, company cards and staff cards.
With electronic cards, the customer is supplied at any point of the EiDA fuel supply point
Cards are prepaid. Recharge of the card can be paid by bank or at our offices. For each replenishment the discount policies are followed depending on the amount paid.
Each operator can access a card. This card has detailed information about the client and the quantity of fluid that is in use.
The card with an individual code (PIN) protected by the person holding the card.
The company secures the confidentiality of all customer information. Any personal information as well as the transaction being carried out are protected by Jone Company, in accordance with the Albanian and European legislation on personal data protection. We respect all customer rights for personal data under applicable legislation.

In the case of companies a master account is created and then for each operator that is involved in this company according to conditions predefined by the company, Master Accounts are created. In this way the authorized person controls in each action both the individual card and the master.

Individual karting can make you aware of limitations and obligations of different nature. The administrator determines the amount of fluid that will be used for certain periods or for certain areas (so it may have a limited monthly amount or on a given day and may also make supplies to certain points or in certain districts ). This management can be done by the authorized person himself. By accessing us with an account you can do all these moves and get detailed reports. Each card can have amount for each product and the limits set for them. It is also understood that the limitless option is included.
The limits set may be transferred to other cards or re-issued when you are required.
For each action performed at certain email addresses, an informational message with the detailed transaction is also posted with the photo taken at the point and time of the service.
At any moment, you can take the analytical masterbill as well as individual for a certain time.
At any moment, you can see all the actions taken by the cards and you can get detailed reports.