Health, Safety and

Environment Policy

At EIDA, we are committed to doing our business on the right track for our company, contractors, community and our stakeholders. EIDA constantly demonstrates a prevalent security culture in everything we do. It underlines our development, operations, training, processes, and customer credibility.

EIDA staff and contractors we work with are among the safest professionals in the industry. Our broad-based commitment to achieving Target Zero is an initiative of our cornerstone. Achieving the Zero Target means that no one harms it, the environment remains intact and all the equipment and personnel operate safely. In EIDA we work to ensure that all of our activities are developed to meet the applicable laws, regulations and standards of health, safety and the environment.

At EIDA, we are fully committed to being good environmental careers and ensuring the health and safety of our employees, customers, contractors and partners.

Our HSE management program, policies and controls are built on the principles that:

01. Preventable

All incidents are preventable,

02. Environment

All oil and gas related activities and operations can be carried out in an environmentally responsible manner, and

03. Productivity

The key to increasing productivity, meeting our business objectives by improving our ability to compete is fundamentally linked to safe work and environmental protection.

In pursuing these principles and achieving world-class HSE performance, we are dedicated to:

Develop a culture of operational excellence and HSE.

Ensure a job without incidents through active engagement, personal responsibility and accountability of our workforce and partners in all HSE affairs.

Strengthen the workforce including managers, employees, and partners with the authority, oversight, support systems, and competence training needed to help eliminate incidents and protect the environment from harm.

Design and manage our actions to provide workplaces free from known security risks and minimize impacts on the environment and human health.

Rewarding our employees for good security performance.

Agree with all laws and regulations that regulate Health, Safety and Environmental Protection in the communities where we work.