EIDA’s goal is to market hydrocarbons based on a steady and long-term growth. The point of reference of our work remains the quality and customer.

The professional work of our managers and employees has made businesses and citizens believe us as the most important oil company in Albania. We stayed close to the customers, so customers have been faithful believing us over these 21 years.

Our products come from

Being a well known company in the region and beyond, EIDA products are imported from several countries, ranging from Italy, Russia, Spain, Croatia and Greece.


EIDA remains the leader in the field of hydrocarbons in Albania and shows some products, ranging from ULSD 20 PPM. The emblem of all hydrocarbons is named after the world’s most renowned firms, thanks to the great cooperation we have with some partners.

  • Premium Unleaded Ron 95
  • Premium Unleaded 10ppm Ron 100
  • Bitumen
  • Fuel Oil 1.0%
  • Jet Fuel A1
  • Italy, Sardenia, Caliar, Saroch Ports, SARAS Refinery
  • Spain, Repsol Rep
  • Croatia, Rieca, INA refinery
  • Russia, Black Sea
  • Kosovo
  • Montenegro
  • Macedonia
  • Bulgaria