Company History
“Europetrol Durrës Albania” sh.a is private single share holder company founded on 18 January 2001 licensed for  import and trade of petroleum products.During this short period company activity growth rapidly. Trade volume for last three years is:
    In 2007 - 75 million/liter
    In 2008 - 84 million/liter
    In 2009 - 85 million/liter

Turn over on 2008 is $ 104 million and for 2009  is $ 110 million. The company control about 17 % of Albanian market.Last year start trade in Kosovo.

Our Gas Stations
Storage Capacity
“Europetrol Durrės Albania” sh.a owns about 35.000 M/T storage capacity, out of them about 30.000 M/Tons completed last year at new petroleum products port Porto Romano( Durres),with options to extend to 7O.000 M/Tons.Actually at new tanks are discharging gasoline,diesel,fuel and bitumen. For more details of Porto Romano port please look at website.
Retail network
Europetrol owns a good retail network on all Albanian territory with 42 petrostation programing to built during 2010 year 10 new petrostation in Albania and about 12 in Kosovo.
Europetrol Durres Albania